Josh Noble

Josh Noble


Back Squat: 315;

Deadlift: 325;

Clean & Jerk: 225;

Fran: 3:28


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Weightlifting Certification.

About Coach

Born and raised in SoCal, I’ve always been into an active lifestyle. As a kid, I spent my days skateboarding and playing baseball and street hockey. When I was 10 my family built a cabin in Big Bear and shortly thereafter I was introduced to snowboarding. Ever since then it was my dream to live in the mountains. I spent many winters living in Big Bear and working at the resort. 13 years ago I moved here full time with my wife, Melissa, and my two daughters, Natasha and Alyson. I also enjoy surfing, hiking, obstacle course racing, traveling, and quality time with good friends and great coffee. Like most of us, I used the gym to stay healthy and as a way to condition my body for the activities that I love. I’ve never really been one for traditional exercise so I was always looking for things to mix it up in order to constantly challenge my body and mind. I had heard of CrossFit but hadn’t really looked into it until a few years ago and it was at that time that I realized it was exactly what I was looking for. “Constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements.” Hello!! I was instantly hooked. After spending a year or so taking the DIY approach, I was excited to join 7K as one of the original athletes. I’ve been at 7K since day one and it has been a blessing to be part of an amazing community. I earned my CrossFit Level 1 certificate and began coaching in the fall of 2019. The following year, I went on to earn my CF Weightlifting certificate with coach Burgener.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

One of the best things about CrossFit is the community. When I coach, it is my hope that I give each athlete that feeling of belonging to our community. Whether you are a drop in or someone who has been with us from the start, if you’re new to CrossFit or have been getting after it for years, I’m here to come alongside you as we journey towards being more fit and functional human beings. Suffering, after all, is always more fun with friends.

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